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February 9-11, (Thurs.- Sat.):  Living From the Inside-Out, Moraga, CA
February 16, (Thurs.):  One Solution Conversations, Moraga, CA
February 24-25, (Fri.- Sat.):  Mastery in Resilience, Session #2, Moraga, CA
February 26, (Sun.):  Coach’s Incubator, Session #2, Moraga, CA


March 4:  Coming Home, Moraga, CA
March 16, (Thurs.):  One Solution Conversations, Moraga, CA
March 24-25, (Fri.-Sat.):  Mastery in Resilience, Session #3, Moraga, CA
March 26, (Sun.):  Coach’s Incubator, Session #3, Moraga, CA


 April 6-8:  Thriving Relationships, Sea Ranch, CA
April 21-22, (Fri.-Sat.):  Mastery in Resilience, Session #4, Moraga, CA
April 23, (Sun.):  Coach’s Incubator, Session #4, Moraga, CA
April 28, (Fri.):   Peace of Mind is an Inside Job,  Moraga, CA


 May 11-13:  Living From the Inside-Out, Moraga, CA
May 18-20, (Thurs. – Sat.):  Mastery in Resilience, Session #5, Pajaro Dunes, CA
May 21, (Sun.):  Coach’s Incubator, Session #5, Pajaro Dunes, CA
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